Hands-On With the Sony PMX-U50 PMP

Hands-On With the Sony PMX-U50 PMP


There are certain similarities between the Sony PMX-U50 personal media player and the Apple iPod 5G, but you won’t hear anyone at Sony mentioning that. The PMP isn’t available anywhere outside of China for now, so in order to get a hands-on impression of the juicy music and video-playing device, we turn to the interwebs and find a handful of live pictures.

Based on its size relative to the person’s hand, you can see that the PMX-U50 is quite a bit smaller than its promotional renderings would lead you to believe. The embedded speaker may be great for sharing tunes with your neighbors and the strange bulge that it produces certainly makes for a unique look. The “cross-media bar interface” is very similar to that found on the PSP and PS3.

I haven’t had a chance to fiddle with the device myself, but the reviewer says that “Sony has something good here and should take advantage of it.” Will Sony ship it to the United States?