FCC Commands Mobile Operators to Lower Roaming Charges

FCC Commands Mobile Operators to Lower Roaming Charges


Do you travel a lot and hate receiving your bill at the end of the month, because it will inevitably be bloated with some nasty roaming charges? Well, guess what, the crazy powers that be at the FCC are actually on your side, because they have decreed that all cell phone carriers must allow for roaming at a “reasonable” cost.

A variety of groups apparently complained to the FCC, so the suits decided to take some action. Apparently smaller cell phone operators were saying that the big boys in the industry have been charging “exorbitant fees to subscribers on smaller networks” to roam on their big ass networks. These fees are as high as 79 cents a minute… and that’s on top of regular rates.

This is good news for regional providers, but the declaration doesn’t exactly outline any real figures. No specific roaming fees were established, so it’s up to the mobile operators to determine what exactly is a “reasonable” fee.