Clarion DrivTrax GPS Goes Waterproof for Motorcycles

Clarion DrivTrax GPS Goes Waterproof for Motorcycles


There are so many different GPS handheld navigation devices today, but most are designed for use inside the climate-controlled environment of a car or an SUV. Where’s the love for all-weather motorcycle riders? Clarion has come to the rescue of everyone who likes riding on two wheels, because they’ve unleashed a waterproof protection kit for their DrivTrax GPS device.

All you have to do is plunk the DrivTrax into this enclosure and you rest assured that it’ll work through rain, sleet or snow (sort of like mail carriers). They’ve also provided a fat stylus that can dangle out the side, so the touchscreen interface is not being sacrificed. Better still, this enclosure is more than just a shell; it comes with an integrated speaker that gets powered through AA batteries (about 11 hours of life).

Available now, the DrivTrax GPS Enclosure sells for 125 Euros (US$172).