BMW Bitter, Nissan Gets to Use “M” After All

BMW Bitter, Nissan Gets to Use “M” After All


As you may recall, BMW Canada sued Nissan Canada over the use of the letter “M” some time back, because they said that the Infiniti M35 and M45 would confuse consumers. This is because the “M” in Bimmer language has always signified their highest performing vehicles, like the M3 and M5.

Furthermore, the folks at BMW called Infiniti vehicles “inferior and more modestly priced” and thus should be allowed to have the same name as the legendary M-series from Bavarian Motorwerks. Well, Nissan didn’t concede. Instead, they fought back… and won. The Canadian Federal Court of Appeal has ruled that Nissan can use the letter “M” all they want. I wonder if BMW (or Nissan) is going to sue over the letter Z too (Z3 vs. 350z)…

In any case, if BMW Canada is still bitter over the matter, they can take their case up one last level to the Supreme Court.