2008 Summer Olympic Games Say No to Windows Vista

2008 Summer Olympic Games Say No to Windows Vista


Here’s a twist of fate for you. While the news is getting bombarded with stories of poisoned this and poisoned that coming out of China, the Olympic organizing committee in that country has decided to cast aside what they consider to be unsafe too. According to Lenovo, the 2008 Olympic Games official computer supplier and sponsor, Windows Vista is “too risky” to implement at the games.

According to Lenovo chairman Yang Yuanqing, they’re not going to load up their ThinkPads with Vista because the new and “like unstable” operating system “could have some problems.” And we all know how important reliability is when it comes to a world event like the Olympics. Instead of Vista, Lenovo is going to provide Windows XP to the 12,000 critical systems at the Games.

That’s not to say that there will be no Vista in Beijing. Microsoft’s new crowning jewel will be allowed on shared terminals for athletes. On a side note, they’re not going to support WiFi networks either (for security reasons).