Toyota Plans to Break the 8-Figure Mark in 2008

Toyota Plans to Break the 8-Figure Mark in 2008


Toyota has easily established itself as one of the biggest carmakers in the world and they hope to push the envelope even further next year. The Japanese automaker has said that they expect to produce more than 10 million cars in 2008, a 6% increase over this year.

More specifically, they estimate production to sit at about 10.4 million vehicles total, including two of its bigger subsidiaries: Daihatsu and Hino. Daihatsu is known more for producing budget-minded cars whereas Hino largely manufacturers commercial trucks. The bulk of the increased production, according to Toyota, “will go towards fuel efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicles.”

The bulk of the increased demand will ship to North America and China, the former of which buys the Prius to make a statement, whereas the latter is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.