Toughness of Corsair Survivor GT Flash Drive Tested

Toughness of Corsair Survivor GT Flash Drive Tested


Some flash drives talk about how fast they are. Others mention how thin they are. But not these guys. Built rugged and designed to withstand the worst of the conditions, the Corsair Survivor GT flash drives are pretty darn tough, but how tough are they? Well, they were put to the test and here are the results.

In terms of speed, these drives easily held their own. The average read and write speed were clocked at 24.3MB/s and 21MB/s, respectively, with a burst speed of 25MB/s. So, performance isn’t really an issue.

When plunked into the bottom of a 12-foot pool for 20 minutes, the Corsair Survivor emerged “without a drop of moisture.” According to Corsair, these guys will survive in water up to 200 feet deep. A drop from the roof a garage wasn’t quite as impressive, however, as the “permanently attached cap” came busting off, but the data inside was still fine.

When driven over by a Honda Element, the drives got scratched up but they remained relatively intact, except for the fact that the USB connector was a little bent. Despite this, the Survivor still worked when plugged into a PC. What this means is the damage was largely cosmetic, so Corsair can continue to claim that your data will survive just about anything when housed in a Survivor GT flash drive.