Motorola’s Linux-Java Platform Gets a Name: MOTOMAGX

Motorola’s Linux-Java Platform Gets a Name: MOTOMAGX


Motorola really seems hellbent on naming everything they do with MOTO, followed by four capitalized letters that vaguely resemble a real word. We’ve seen the RAZR, the SLVR, the PEBL, the KRZR, and all sorts of other four-letter contraptions, but this is the first — to my knowledge — that doesn’t refer to a physical device. We’ve known for some time that Motorola has been working on a Linux-Java platform for their next generation cell phones and now that platform has a name. MOTOMAGX will be applied not only to new phones, but also existing handsets using the platform, like the Z6 and V8.

Along with the announcement of MOTOMAGX (magics? WTF is that?), Motorola also announced “new developer tools to allow software developers to write native Linux applications, not just Java, for the devices.” MOTOMAGX-powered phones will also come equipped with Opera web browsers, so there could be some web-based development coming up too.

In the next few years, Motorola expects that about 60% of its phones will be running on MOTOMAGX.