M500 Mobile Watch Phone To Ship Early Next Month

M500 Mobile Watch Phone To Ship Early Next Month


All the James Bond wannabes in the audience, mark this date on your calendar. Starting September 10th, the SMS MyMobileWatch M500 will begin to ship worldwide, letting you talk and receive text messages right from your wrist. You can call yourself double-o-whatever you want in just over a month from now.

The specs on the M500 are in the process of being finalized. We hear that the stylus will be two-inches longer than the original design, making the touchscreen display a little easier to use. Because it’s a quad-band GSM/GPRS phone, you’ll be able to use the M500 just about anywhere in the world. Rounding out the specs are MP3/MP4 playing, improved battery life, POP3 email, and IM support.

The SMS MyMobileWatch M500 will ship out of Hong Kong with an asking price of $820 each.