Focal AquaTune iPod Speaker Loves a Rainy Day

Focal AquaTune iPod Speaker Loves a Rainy Day


During the summer, you just want to hang out by the pool and sip on an umbrella drink. It’s a time to relax and soak in some sun, enjoying some of your favorite music. And then it happens. It starts to rain and all your beautiful portable electronics become useless. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Aquatune portable speaker case wraps your iPod in a clear acrylic case, protecting it from the wet kind of element, and at the same time, it can pump out your tunes via the built-in speaker. Developed by Focal Corp. of Japan (not sure if they’re related to the big speaker company), the Aquatune is “water resistant” for “up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.” Yeah, it’s not exactly waterproof, but it’s good enough to get you out of a jam, so to speak.

Four AA batteries provide enough juice for 30 hours of playback through the 3W stereo speakers. Assuming your iPod lasts that long in the first place. There are Aquatune models for the iPod 5G, iPod nano, iPod Color, iPod Photo, iPod 4G, and iPod Mini.