Volkswagen Refuses to Use Bluetec for its Diesels

Volkswagen Refuses to Use Bluetec for its Diesels


Some automakers continually attempt to push horsepower possibilities, but for the rest of us, having a fuel efficient vehicle that’s actually reasonably friendly to the environment is a more pressing concern. Volkswagen has decided that their line of clean diesel cars will not bear the same Bluetec badging as Mercedes vehicles, although they share very similar architecture.

Instead, Volkswagen will return to its familiar TDI name to market their environmentally-friendlier diesel-powered cars. The technology underpinning these cars share much of their engineering with DaimlerChrysler and their Bluetec line, but Volkswagen realizes that the public is already associates “Bluetec” with Mercedes and they want to be able to differentiate their brand.

All this said, it’s expected that Chrysler vehicles using clean diesel engines will still bare the Bluetec badge, despite no longer being majority owned by Daimler.