Singing in the Shower Just Got More Interesting

Singing in the Shower Just Got More Interesting


Unfortunately, no, I’m not talking about the random naked girl joining you for some steamy action. While I’m sure your neighbors appreciate your acapella rendition of Strangers in the Night, having the actual music in the background would complete the pseudo concert experience, wouldn’t it?

That’s where this funky gadget comes into play. It’s composed of two primary components. The first is a base that you stick to your shower wall. This base station serves as a speaker for your tunes as well as a charging station for the detachable shower head (the second component). The shower head — on which the MP3 controls have been placed — apparently shoots water in your face.

There are several things that aren’t quite so clear, like how you would go about loading the songs on this MP3 player or how the charging base gets it power, but the one thing that I really want cleared up is this: I’ve been told that water and electricity don’t mesh. I’m concerned enough about my neighbors hunting me down in the middle of the night for my shower-time song stylings; I’d hate to add electrocution to my list of fears.