The Handheld Scanner That Spits Out Digital Text

The Handheld Scanner That Spits Out Digital Text


While I find myself in front of a computer for most of waking hours during the week, I also read the local newspaper and other print materials from time to time. Yes, as surprising as it may sound, there is content out there beyond what is available on the interweb. At the same time, you sometimes want to share those fantastic stories with your friends via email, but you simply cannot be bothered with typing it all out. What is a Digg-obseessed web user to do?

Enter the IRISPen 6 portable OCR scanner. All you need to do is glide this fat pen-sized device over the desired words and the scanner will automatically convert those strokes of ink into something your word processor can understand. Yes, the IRISPen 6 portable OCR scanner isn’t exactly a novel creation, but it certainly is a welcome one.

Thankfully, it’s also multilingual. Very much so, in fact, as the IRISPen 6 can read up to 128 different languages and, if you get the Translator version, it’ll even convert to and from your mother tongue. The Executive version can read barcodes, but it’s restricted to one language. The basic Express, Translator, and Executive models run for $129, $149, and $199 respectively.