Nokia Online Music Store Aims to Dethrone Apple iTunes

Nokia Online Music Store Aims to Dethrone Apple iTunes


There are rumblings over at Fortune that Nokia is planning on creating a new online music service on the 29th of this month and it will be attacking the exact same market as iTunes. To be launched in London, the yet unnamed Nokia online music store will allow customers to “purchase music songs from the Nokia website and also transfer the music to the mobile phone.”

You’d assume that this would come with some sort of integrated software, much like Apple’s iTunes, which brings the online store and your physical music-playing device together. Nokia doesn’t produce standalone music players, so this store is catering more toward owners of say a Nokia N91, 5300, or N73 Music Edition.

Accompanying the launch of the new online service, Nokia is also said to be revealing new music phones at the same event. The most likely additions will be the Nokia N81 or Nokia N82, either of which could come with WiFi, 8GB internal memory, and HSDPA.