Logitech MX Air Mouse Looks Cool, Difficult to Use

Logitech MX Air Mouse Looks Cool, Difficult to Use


Remember the MX Air Cordless Mouse that Logitech revealed last month? Well, the gesture-based mouse is now shipping and initial impressions are starting to come in. While the Logitech MX Air Mouse is probably one of the best-looking to come around in some time, the “wave your arm around like a buffoon” interface leaves a lot to be desired.

The team at Gizmodo have been spending some time with the new pointing device and they like the nice charging stand, the long range offered by the propriety 2.4GHz wireless connection, and the dynamic scrolling feature (similar to the iPhone’s “kinetic scrolling”). They note that the 3D capabilities are best achieved if the MX Air is held like a remote, rather than like a mouse.

On the downside, the 3D interface “takes some getting used to” and they didn’t “care for the lack of a physical scroll wheel.” It doesn’t help that, at $150, the Logitech MX Air Cordless Mouse isn’t exactly cheap either. If you’re still interested, you can grab one from Amazon.