Korean Air Gives Touchscreen LCDs to Coach Class

Korean Air Gives Touchscreen LCDs to Coach Class


American Airlines may soon be offering in-flight WiFi, but they’re not the only sky-soaring business to go high-tech with their transcontinental commuting solutions. Korean Air has installed a series of touchscreen LCD monitors in their economy class seats, offering even us poor saps some excellent in-flight entertainment.

Recent winner of the World’s Best Economy Class award in the Skytrax 2006/7 World Airline Awards, Korean Air has a coach class that looks better than some airline’s first class seats! In addition to the hot monitors, their airplanes will also get adjustable seats and extra leg room. Given the rapidly improving technology in Korea, I wouldn’t be surprised to find some multi-megapixel cameras and slim something-or-others in there some time soon too.

Whatever the case, a flight on Korean Air looks a lot better than the bag of peanuts and somewhat sticky magazine I got the last time I took a budget flight.