Cenio M11550 Laptop Available in Bling-Worthy Gold

Cenio M11550 Laptop Available in Bling-Worthy Gold


I’m sure you’re all too aware already that when it comes to personal electronics these days, the physical appearance is just as (if not more) important than the actual specs and features. The people at Cenio have recognized this and they are now offering their powerful M1550 Laptop is a crazy shade of gold, as well as 15 other shades of metallic goodness if gold isn’t your cup of tea. Wow, that was one weird metaphor.

Most other laptops sold on the market come plastered in either black, gray, or silver, so this is certainly a welcome change. Dell has started offering a number of laptops in different colors as well, but those are just the top covers. The Cenio laptops are actually your chosen color throughout (except for the keyboard). The specs are more or less made to order, and as such, prices will vary.

Cenio also has special edition “Kings and Queens” notebooks — limited to 100 units — which sell for $2300 or more.