Wireless Bridge for iPod by Monster Cable

Wireless Bridge for iPod by Monster Cable


From the same people that have been selling you very expensive audio-video cables comes a device whose biggest selling point is that it effectively tosses your cables out the window. The Monster Wireless Audio Bridge is a device that lets you beam music from your Apple iPod to your high end home stereo up to 30 feet away, all without having to form any sort of physical connection.

Your iPod effectively becomes a remote control for your music as it wirelessly transmits the audio stream to the quirky-looking base station over a propriety 2.4GHz wireless standard. It is a little strange that they decided on 2.4GHz, however, as this is the same frequency as all 802.11g wireless routers and several cordless phones. You’ve got to wonder if there are any issues with interference.

Yes, a wireless bridge for iPods isn’t exactly a new innovation, but when it comes from someone like Monster, you can be sure that high-end audiophiles will be lusting all over it. Even if it’ll cost an arm and a leg.