Share USB 2.0 Devices Over a WiFi Network

Share USB 2.0 Devices Over a WiFi Network


Let’s see. You’ve got one printer, but countless computers that need access to it. You could set up a print server on one of those computers and get it to handle all the print jobs, but that creates an unnecessary load on that single computer for no real reason. Why can’t things be easier. Well, they can. The USB 2.0 Server (U2S-2A) from Keyspan effectively lets you share any USB device over your network, granting you access to these devices as if they were physically connected to each computer.

The USB 2.0 Server is compatible with both Windows and Mac-based computers. In addition to sharing USB printers, this handy little gadget also lets you share other peripherals like scanners, hard drives, webcams… if it can be connected via USB, it’s good to go and will be accessible through any WiFi connected laptop. More information can be found in the official fact sheet (PDF).

Priced at $129, the Keyspan USB 2.0 Server (U2S-2A) is available now through a number of online resellers.