Want Some Crazy Hardcore Headphones from Skullcandy?

Want Some Crazy Hardcore Headphones from Skullcandy?


Well, you’ve come to the right place. The recently revealed Skullcandy G.I. Headphones are about as hardcore as it gets. These DJ-style cans are military-inspired, meaning that they not only bring a considerable amount of thump to your eardrums, but they also feature some rather expressive aesthetic designs.

You’ll notice that the heavily-padded headband portion has a series of faux bullets around the top, in case you thrown into a situation that would call for some extra ammo. Skullcandy is offering a variety of different styles for the G.I. DJ-style headphones, include desert camo (browns), urban camo (grays and black), and Rasta (a Jamaican-flavored green).

All this rough and tumble personal sound-blasting isn’t exactly cheap at $69.95, but the speakers are made of soft leather and can swivel a full 90 degrees. And you get an extra pair of earpads and a travel bag too.