Pontiac Solstice Hardtop Coupe Ready for 2008?

Pontiac Solstice Hardtop Coupe Ready for 2008?


The Pontiac Solstice is probably one of the most attractive (and affordable) roadsters on the market today, but where’s the love for people who live in not so pleasant climes? GM head honcho Bob Lutz has said that a Solstice coupe was an almost sure thing, and it turns out that the hardtop could hit dealerships as early as next year.

There are several advantages to a conventional roof, of course, including possible improvements in aerodynamics and the shaving of several pounds (no need for heavy structural supports and roof retracting motors). The new hardtop Pontiac Solstice will likely come with a few performance upgrades as well, which should also be transplanted into the convertible. General Motors has ditched any plans for plunking a V6 in the Solstice, however, claiming that the extra weight would throw off the car’s balance.

For the time being, the Solstice will “carry on Pontiac’s performance line, as the GTO is officially off of the tables for at least the short term.”