DivX Certification Granted for Samsung Ultra Video SGH-F508

DivX Certification Granted for Samsung Ultra Video SGH-F508


The Samsung Upstage has migrated its way across the 49th parallel into Canada, but the SGH-F508 is quite the different beast altogether. Clearly designed specifically for mobile movie-watching junkies, the Samsung Ultra Video (SGH-F508) is now the second DivX certified handset to be manufactured by the burgeoning Korean giant.

The innovative handset features a very unique design. On one side of the phone, you get an MP3 player-like interface, just as you find on the Upstage. There are dedicated music controls and a huge color display. On the other side of the phone is a standard numerical keypad and conventional set of call/end buttons, along with a tinier display for phone purposes. What makes the Ultra Video particularly unique, however, is its ability to rotate in the center, allowing the large screen to stand on its own. Handsfree video baby!

The DivX certified phone will hit the Chinese market later this year at a price yet to be determined.