Cect Mobile Watch Phone is Kinda Clunky, Kinda Cool

Cect Mobile Watch Phone is Kinda Clunky, Kinda Cool


From the same people that brought you the latest iPhone clone comes a product that looks similar to devices that we’ve seen before. Wow, no surprise there!

The Cect mobile watch phone is exactly what you’d expect it to be. It’s shaped like a somewhat chunky sports watch, but it also allows for you to make GSM phone calls in a James Bond kind of way. you won’t find very much in terms of buttons on this thing — only three on either side of the display — so I’d imagine that dialing is a pretty big pain in the you know what. I’d hate to even attempt typing out an SMS message on this thing.

Thankfully, the color display seems quite large and can default back to a semi-conventional watch display when you’re not in a call. If you think talking into your wrist is a little too weird, you’ll also be happy to hear that it features Bluetooth technology in addition to the on-board microphone and speaker. Interestingly, there’s also a built-in media player with headset jack.

Hey Cect! If you’re reading this, do you want to send me a review unit so I can tell these good people whether your watch phone is the real deal? Otherwise, I’ll be inclined to think that this is just a lame Bond-inspired device that works, you know, sometimes. Ah, made in China…