BlackBerry 8310: Like the Curve, But with GPS

BlackBerry 8310: Like the Curve, But with GPS


And you thought the BlackBerry Curve was pretty hot as is. Turns out that Research in Motion has another toy for CrackBerry addicts in the form of the BlackBerry 8310. On the surface, it looks much like the BB Curve, but there is one very important difference. The BlackBerry 8310 sports an integrated GPS receiver, completing the package for the world-traveling business person.

Immediately available through Vodafone in Germany, the BlackBerry 8310 comes bundled with Vodafone Navigator, a server-side navigation system that works much the same way as Telenav. In this way, it doesn’t seem like you need to grab updated maps or anything like that, because it’s all stored on the server side of things.

No word on when RIM will provide North Americans with this kind of device, but we can all just sit here and hope for a WiFi-touting, GPS-navigating BlackBerry to fall in our laps. Maybe even before the end of the year, if the Boy Genius is to be believed.