Next-Generation Volkswagen Rabbit / Golf Spotted in the Desert

Next-Generation Volkswagen Rabbit / Golf Spotted in the Desert


Some call it the Golf. Others call it the Rabbit. Whatever you want to call it, a bunch of spy pics have been taken of Volkswagen’s next-generation compact hatchback in what appears to be Death Valley. It’s still very heavily camouflaged, so it’s hard to really pass judgment at this point.

The Volkswagen Golf VI should reach European dealerships sometime in late 2008 or early 2009, but Americans may have to sit pretty for a little while longer, considering that the Americanized version of the Golf — the current Rabbit — has only recently started selling around these parts. The new Golf/Rabbit should make its way to North American shores at some point, but it’ll probably be late to the party.

We hear that VW management has been told to “simplify and shorten the assembly process, and produce the next generation on the current but updated platform — with, of course, considerable cost-cutting savings. And, in the process, giving it a more exciting and slightly more aggressive look.”

Click on through to Leftlane News for a handful of spy shots.