Bumblebee Transformers iPod Speaker Dances to the Music

Bumblebee Transformers iPod Speaker Dances to the Music


I’m still recovering over the fact that they went with a Camaro rather than a VW Beetle for Bumblebee, but awesome products like this just might make up for it. Screw the iDog, the iCat, and all of those other iPod speaker sets on the market. This is definitely where it’s at. The Beatmix Bumblebee Speaker for iPod and MP3 is a fully transformed Bumblebee Transformer, except you can plug in your favorite portable MP3 player, and the automaton will dance to your tunes while it blasts out the music for everyone else to enjoy.

I’m not sure if this is totally awesome or totally geeky (or both), but there’s also an option to mix in some Transformers sound effects into your music, producing a Transformers-themed remix. That’s where the Beatmix part of its name comes into play. And those glowing eyes are pretty darn cool tool.

The MSRP on the Beatmix Bumblebee Speaker is around 60 bucks, but I found it on sale at the Sharper Image for $39.95.