Windows Mobile 6 Running on Treo 750

Windows Mobile 6 Running on Treo 750


Yay! Tired of being stuck with the aging Windows Mobile 5 platform on your Treo 750? Feel stuck no longer, because you can now upgrade that smartphone of yours to the world of Windows Mobile 6! The downside is that this is not an official release from Palm or AT&T, but the ROM has been making its rounds on the internet, getting a full slate of discussion over at the XDA Developers forum. Yes, instructions and download info can be found through that link.

Some of the “enhancements” that Treo 750 users on AT&T can expect include:

AT&T Mail, AT&T Music, Games, MS Office Mobile, Active Sync, Calculator,
Camera, Cellular Video, File Explorer, Get Telenav, GetGood, Get MobiTV, Internet Sharing, Notes, PDF Viewer (Picsel), Proxy Manager (ATA&T Proxy), Quick Tour, Remote Desktop Mobile, Search, SIM Manager, Sounds, Tasks, Windows Media, and Voice Command 1.6 is included.

No word on when (and if) AT&T or Palm will send out an official ROM upgrade, so in the meantime, if you want to experience the speedier and more efficient world of WM6, you’re only left with this route.