Doctor Z Says Goodbye Via Company-Wide Email

Doctor Z Says Goodbye Via Company-Wide Email


On Friday, Dieter Zetsche — known to most people simply as Doctor Z — sent an email message to all Chrysler employees, wishing them the best and basically saying his final farewell. The message encourages the newly independent company in all of their future endeavors and promotes future collaborative efforts between Chrysler and Daimler (Mercedes). The email was signed by Doctor Z, as well as Tom LaSorda, the man who will soon be crowned as Chrysler’s CEO.

As Daimler continues to own 19.9% of Chrysler, the two firms should continue to collaborate on future projects and although Dieter won’t be directly involved in Chrysler’s wheelings and dealings, you can be sure that he has his ear to the ground.

“The list of our ongoing joint programs is critical to the future success of our companies,” Dieter Zetsche writes in the email. “We urge you to continue to give them your full support.”