Apple iPhone Could Be Big in Japan

Apple iPhone Could Be Big in Japan


According to a recent survey, 27.6% of cell phone users in Japan are willing to buy the iPhone if it were to become available in the land of the rising sun. The poll, conducted by Mitsubishi Research Institute and Rakuten Research Inc., showed that 5.2 percent of the 2,200 respondents said they were “very willing” to purchase an iPhone, whereas 22.4% were “somewhat willing.” Pull those two numbers together, and you’ve got over a quarter of the mobile phone population interested in Apple’s freshman mobile phone.

This is a total twist of fate, given that it is usually North Americans who are clamoring over handsets that are exclusive to overseas markets. Now, it seems that Japanese users are interested in something that is, for the time being, only available in the United States. Interestingly, only 11.8% of those who said they were willing to buy the phone are willing to switch mobile service providers to do it.

At this time, there is still no word coming out of Cupertino as to when and if the iPhone will make it to Japan.