Published: 384-Page Book Written Using T9 Only

Published: 384-Page Book Written Using T9 Only


Sometimes, you need to get that thought down no matter where you are, even if you are far away from your computer. Some people may take down a quick note on their cell phones, but Robert Bernocco decided to write an entire book using his Nokia 6630. And now that novel has been published.

The Italian author has just published the world’s first book written entirely using a mobile phone and it wasn’t a phone that had a QWERTY keyboard either. He trudged through all 384 pages of his science fiction novel — Compagni di Viaggo (meaning Fellow Travelers in English) — using T9 predictive text. The book was published through, “a site where anyone can publish their own book for print.”

All in all, the Italian science fiction novel took 17 weeks to complete, including the proofreading time at home. Bernocco wrote the primary content on his Nokia, but he did the editing on his PC.