One Huge Wireless Digital Picture Frame from PhotoVu

One Huge Wireless Digital Picture Frame from PhotoVu


With these kinds of dimensions, you’d almost expect to use the PhotoVu PV1965w wireless digital picture frame as a computer monitor, rather than restrict it to showing your boring ol’ family vacation photographs. I’ve seen my fair share of digital picture frames, but most of them top out at 10- or 12-inches across. This product goes quite a bit further than that.

The PhotoVu PV1965w, as its model number implies, is a 19-inch widescreen picture frame, measuring just as big as several desktop LCD monitors on the market. And because it has a great 16:10 wide aspect ratio, you really start to see an LCD computer monitor, rather than just a picture frame.

Something that’s a little disconcerting about this wireless photo frame is the price. At $1199, it might even be cheaper to buy a 19-inch monitor and a ghetto computer. If you don’t need the widescreen-ness, you can save a couple hundred dollars and buy the standard aspect PV1965 for $999.

Official website here.