IronKey: The World’s Most Secure Flash Drive

IronKey: The World’s Most Secure Flash Drive


That’s a pretty bold claim to make, but the people behind the IronKey USB Flash drive are saying that this is the hardest of the core when it comes to security. Got some extra private data that you don’t want anyone else accessing? Not a problem, the IronKey features military-grade AES hardware-based encryption via the on-board Cryptochip.

In order to get at those special sequences of 1s and 0s, you’ll need to enter your secure password. Enter the incorrect password ten times and the drive fundamentally self-destructs inside, erasing “everything on the drive using ‘flash-trash’ technology that physically overwrites every byte, making the data completely unrecoverable.”

Perhaps even cooler, you can use the IronKey in conjunction with Firefox for a completely secure Internet browsing experience. You’ll be protected from malware and you’ll be surfing the web in stealth. They also mention that a “potting” technique has been implemented that waterproofs the key past military standards. Pricing starts at $79 for the 1GB model, going up to $149 for the 4-gigger.

Check out the animated product demo for more information.