Google Teams Up With Sprint on WiMAX Mobile Internet Project

Google Teams Up With Sprint on WiMAX Mobile Internet Project


Barry West, President of 4G Mobile Broadband for Sprint, has announced that “Google and Sprint will optimize the Internet experience for the digital lifestyle” via WiMAX for the masses. By combining their efforts, they hope to bring “what will be the best mobile Internet network together with the leading Internet search company.”

Sprint brings its network bandwidth, location detection and presence capabilities to the table, whereas Google will bring Google Apps, granting users access to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Talk. “Customers will be able to experience a new form of interactive communications, high speed Internet browsing, local and location-centric services, and multimedia services.”

A series of WiMAX embedded devices will be able to utilize these services, including connection cards, laptops, personal media players, mobile Internet devices, and cell phones. Sprint hopes to provide this WiMAX love to in-car navigation systems as well. Initial WiMAX tests are planned for Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington DC by the end of the year. Commercial availability is expected starting April 2008 in select markets, with further expansion to 100 million people by the end of 2008 with help from Clearwire.