Video: Archos 605 Vs. 604 WiFi – A Side-by-Side Comparison

Video: Archos 605 Vs. 604 WiFi – A Side-by-Side Comparison


With each successive generation, you’d expect to enjoy some serious upgrades in terms of capacity, functionality, usability, and all those other things that make new stuff better than the outgoing old stuff. In the video that you can see below, Genmp3 walks us through a direct comparison between the old Archos 604 WiFi and the new fifth-generation Archos 605.

One of the things that may immediately jump out at you — not including the physical change in design and color — is speed. The startup time on the 604 WiFi (left) appears to be much more expedient than the 605 (right), which seems counterintuitive, considering that the 605 is supposed to be newer and better. The same can be said about the time it takes to load a video.

The interface appears to be different as well, but I guess it’s largely a matter of personal preference which menu system is the superior one. Check it and decide for yourself if the Archos 605 is worth your hard-earned cash.