Video: A Fully Functional Car Made Out of Wood

Video: A Fully Functional Car Made Out of Wood


I’m all for being creative with building materials, but ain’t space-age titanium or lightweight aluminum. This has got to be one of the strangest vehicles I have seen in quite some time. Built with a budget of $32,000, this car is made completely of wood. I could make some inane reference to male genitalia, but I’ll cast that aside for just a moment.

The car runs and can make its way around the test track, but one thing that is quite surprising is that it actually has official license plates. You’ve got to wonder how street legal it would be, don’t you? I’d imagine it’d be smashed into a million smithereens if it went through even the most minor of fender benders. Other than the mechanical bits, this whole car is wooden. And get this, it’s actually capable of speeds as high as 90 km/h.

We’ve heard of guys getting woodies over hot cars, but this is totally the wrong way around.