Tiny Projector On the Way for Motorola Cell Phone

Tiny Projector On the Way for Motorola Cell Phone


Tired of squinting? Don’t want to watch videos on such a tiny display? Motorola has heard your cries, because the company is reportedly working on a cell phone that comes with an integrated projector, blowing up that movie onto a nearby wall. Using what they call a pico projector, the Microvision-developed technology allows for images as large as 15-inches when projected from 19-inches away.

The interesting thing is that the projector will beam out an image that is “superior to DVD quality”, boasting a resolution of 854×480 pixels. That’s a widescreen resolution, in case you’re wondering, with an aspect ratio of roughly 16:9. Motorola and Microvision say that this technology is great for sharing pictures, videos, web sites, and other presentations.

At this time, neither company is revealing a timeline for a demo unit nor are they saying whether or not they’re going to put the pico projector in mainstream handsets.