Tether Your iPhone to Your MacBook, Yes You Can

Tether Your iPhone to Your MacBook, Yes You Can


To complete the Apple lifestyle, you want to connect all of those glossy new goodies together. We heard that the iPhone would not be capable of running any third-party applications nor would it be able to tether itself to a computer. As it turns out, neither is the case. Nate True has devised a strategy that lets you utilize the iPhone’s internet connection to connect your MacBook to the web. Mobile internet awaits you.

Sure, you’ll have to suffer through a pretty abysmal EDGE connection, but considering that all iPhone plans come with unlimited data, that means that you can also get latched onto the world wide web on your laptop anywhere you go. You know, in case the relatively small screen and obscure on-screen keyboard of the iPhone doesn’t quite satisfy your Internet fix.

There are several risks to heading down this path, of course. You may be bricking your iPhone with this unlicensed homebrewed software. You may be violating AT&T’s Terms of Service. But hey, that’s the price for progress right? Here’s the tutorial should you choose to push forward.