Flying Car For Sale. Yes, This is For Real (Video)

Flying Car For Sale. Yes, This is For Real (Video)


Remember when the Jetsons was little more than science fiction for children? Well, the concept of a flying car is now very much a reality, because here is a production model flying saucer with enough room for two passengers (assuming your combined weight is under 250 pounds). The Moller M200G Volantor is shaped pretty much like the vehicle you’ve seen in the Jetsons, complete with the clear dome for the cabin.

You won’t be buzzing between skyscrapers anytime soon, unfortunately, as the Moller M200G Volantor is restricted to heights of 10 feet. That restriction is for civilian versions only, however, so it is perfectly plausible that greater altitudes can and will be achieved for a military application. Don’t expect to go too fast or too far, because the Volantor tops out at 50mph and 90 minutes of range.

The price isn’t out of this world, thankfully. In fact, they claim that they can bring that number down as low as $90,000, which would be about the same price as a higher-end luxury sedan or sports car. Check out the Volantor in action below. Try to ignore the cheesy music.