32GB of ReadyBoost From Toshiba U2K Drive

32GB of ReadyBoost From Toshiba U2K Drive


I can’t imagine why you would need an extra 32GB of RAM-boosting memory for Vista, but I guess that’s beside the point. Toshiba just wants to show that they are the top ReadyBoost dog and that’s why they’re releasing this insane flash drive. Sure, it doesn’t look like much — just a plain silver and white stick with a hole in it — but underneath that unassuming skin is a heck of a lot of memory, perfectly prepared to help Vista run better.

The company plans to release the U2K series, a new line of TransMemory USB flash drives built specifically with Vista ReadyBoost in mind. The main offerings will vary in capacity from 1GB to 8GB and will start shipping this October. The massive limited edition unit, the one with 32GB in tow, is scheduled for December.

Prices will vary with storage space, naturally, with the 8GB and 32GB versions going for $200 and $665, respectively.