The Ghetto iPod Shuffle With No Internal Memory

The Ghetto iPod Shuffle With No Internal Memory


Talk about cheaping out. If you’re a fan of going minimalistic, it doesn’t get much more minimalistic than the KanaSD MP3 player from Greenhouse Japan. Hoping to get video playback? Keep hoping, ’cause it ain’t here. Looking for a color display? Nope, it doesn’t have one of those either. Keeping your fingers crossed for a bevy of file support? Sorry, the KanaSD only shows love to plain old MP3 and WMA files. Ogg Vorbis, WAV, and the rest of that crew just got kicked to the curb.

To make matters even more interesting (or strange, depending on your perspective), the KanaSD portable music player doesn’t actually have any memory of its own. To get any sort of tunes coming out the headphone jack, you’ll need to provide an SD card of your own. Thankfully, it does support the new-ish SDHC format, so you can get up to 8 gigs if you want. And yes, the iPod-inspired navigational wheel is here too.

Available in black or white, the KanaSD from Greenhouse Japan retails for 2,280 Yen or about US$18. That’s twice as much as a similar offering from Evergreen (don’t get these two greenies confused), although the Evergreen player can’t take SDHC.