Tank Converted into a Limo, But Why?

Tank Converted into a Limo, But Why?


Riding around in style also means that you have to be unique. In recent years, we’ve seen people go beyond the regular old stretch limo. It’s not out of the ordinary to find a Hummer H2 that’s been stretched out to be a limo, but this tank limousine is a different beast altogether. Like, is this even street legal?

You enter the “classy” white vehicle though a huge metal door on the side, and then inside, you’ll find some military-inspired seats and a rather industrial-looking decor. That, and a “champagne-filled, smoked-glass fridge” with seating for eight, in addition to three crew. That’s right, you’re not hiring a single chauffeur. You’re hiring three crew!

What’s next? Converting a Stealth Bomber into a limo so you can soar to the Grammys?