Man-Made Flying Saucer Takes Flight

Man-Made Flying Saucer Takes Flight


In the minds of the designers anyways. Dreamed up by the guys behind the CleanEra project, this green flying saucer could prove to be the “eco-friendly plane of the future.” No more having to sit in an extended cylinder with a couple of wings protruding out the sides; you’ll be able to travel in style in a spaceship shaped like a frisbee.

In addition to the Martian connotations that this flying saucer brings to the table, the developers are saying that it could make air travel more environmentally friendly (“economical”) by using lighter materials and innovative design cues to cut out wind resistance, for example. They aim to reduce carbon usage down to 50% of current planes.

Obviously, this flying saucer isn’t quite for real just yet, but given the increasingly expedient pace of technology development, I can’t imagine that it’s as far off as most people would believe.