Manage your iPhone Charger with Socket Pocket

Manage your iPhone Charger with Socket Pocket


Ah, the rhyming model name. Nothing quite grabs the attention of a potential buyer like a catchy name, right? The gurus at Perfect Curve had developed a special device that helps eliminate the tangling of wires so that your iPhone can charge itself in peace and look good doing it.

The Socket Pocket is essentially a white sleeve that you can mount on the wall, pulling the cable in from the underside so that your pet rabbit doesn’t go and chew through the wire (mine has a habit of doing that). “Compatible” with the iPhone as well as just about any other portable electronic device that gets re-charged through a wall plug (digital cameras, cell phones, etc.), the Socket Pocket is simplicity itself.

Available now, the Perfect Curve Socket Pocket sells for “under US$20.00.”