BenQ-Siemens SL98: A Wholly Different Kind of Slider Phone

BenQ-Siemens SL98: A Wholly Different Kind of Slider Phone


Cell phone makers have a much harder time these days creating mobiles with unique form factors, but apparently BenQ-Siemens is pushing the limit with their latest concept, the SL98 slider. Unlike other slider phones where the primary display is visible at all times, this phone has a matchbook-type orientation where the main display pops out of the top when needed.

The rest of the time, the main face of the SL98 looks a lot like the keypad side of the Samsung Upstage — available through Sprint in the States, Bell and Telus in Canada — with a very narrow display for showing phone numbers and other basic information. The super slick metallic keypad is somewhat reminiscent of the Motorola SLVR L7, but the chromey-ness extends all the way around to the back of the phone as well. There’s also a camera on the back of the pop-up display.

No word on pricing, availability, or even whether this is an official release, so stay tuned for a forthcoming announcement from BenQ-Siemens.