Kingston Expands into 3 Classes of miniSDHC

Kingston Expands into 3 Classes of miniSDHC


Ah, flash memory. Manufacturers are getting better and better at stuffing more storage capacity into increasingly tiny packages. Just think back years ago when you thought 100MB Zip drives were incredible. My, how far we have advanced since then.

The latest development coming out of the Kingston Technology camp are a trio of miniSDHC flash memory cards boasting four gigabytes of storage each. Available in Class 2, Class 4, and Class 6 variants, the 4GB Kingston miniSDHC Flash memory cards offer enough room for “more than 2,000 images, 750 digital music tracks or 4.5 hours of MPEG4 video.” Bear in mind that these cards are not compatible with “legacy” miniSD devices.

No word on availability, but they have tentatively priced the three speedy miniSDHC cards at $62, $64, and $66.