iPhone-Like Interface on 6th-Generation iPod

iPhone-Like Interface on 6th-Generation iPod


It has been rumored for some time now that the sixth-generation Apple iPod would probably share the same touchscreen interface as that found on the recently launched iPhone. Now, we’ve come across some proof. DAPReview snagged themselves a preview video of the new user interface, complete with album flicking controls and everything, posting up this walkthrough on YouTube.

Unfortunately, the powers that be in Cupertino gave DAPReview a slap in the face, demanding that YouTube take the video down “due to a copyright claim by Apple, Inc.” Thankfully, the guys at Gizmodo took a few screen captures before the video was removed.

There are many naysayers that say this video is a fake and that the next iPod will have a touchscreen, yes, but not the same interface as the iPhone. Only time will tell, and we all know how tight-lipped Steve Jobs can be about his latest developments.