Bell Mobility Challenges Telus with HTC 6800 Pocket PC Phone

Bell Mobility Challenges Telus with HTC 6800 Pocket PC Phone


Remember the HTC P4000 Pocket PC Phone from Telus Mobility that I reviewed late last month? Well, it seems like Bell Mobility felt a little left out of the HTC party so they went ahead and got a version of their own, dubbing it the HTC 6800.

In terms of looks, the HTC 6800 is remarkably similar to the HTC P4000, both of which borrow many of their styling cues and innards from the GSM-oriented Cingular AT&T 8525. The key difference, of course, is that the offerings from Bell and Telus are CDMA. The spring-loaded QWERTY keyboard that slides out to the right appears absolutely identical on the HTC 6800 as on its Telus counterpart, but the face buttons above and below the large touchscreen display look sleeker on the Bell model. It’s also got this brushed aluminum fascia surrounded by what appears to be a metallic blue bezel.

The features on these PocketPC phones are exactly alike. Just like the HTC P4000 from Telus, the HTC 6800 from Bell comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera, integrated WiFi connectivity, high-speed EVDO, a mobile version of Microsoft Office, a 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen display, WMP10, stereo Bluetooth, and microSD expansion slot. You’ll notice that Bell’s HTC 6800 comes loaded with Windows Mobile 6 Professional, however, unlike the WinMo 5 you’ll find on the Telus rendition.

The pricing for this Bell-branded PocketPC phone is exactly the same as its Telus counterpart, selling for $199.95 with a qualifying three-year contract. Yes, that means that you have to sign up for data. The exact wording on the Bell Mobility website reads:

Get the HTC 6800 for $199.95* when activating an Email, Internet and Voice plan (minimum value of $45/month) or any voice rate plan (minimum value of $20/month) with an Email & Internet feature (minimum value of $25/month) on a 3-year contract.