Behold: The All-Black Apple iPhone

Behold: The All-Black Apple iPhone


If you’re one of the lucky buggers that waltzing around town with an iPhone in your pocket, you may have noticed that the discrepancy in color on the back of that device can cause a little discomfort among the fashionably inclined. Fear not, seekers of harmony, because Cellular Nationwide Network is now offering an OEM replacement back for the Apple iPhone that transform its entire behind to a beautiful jet black. The planets are now in alignment.

Apparently fully endorsed by the crew in Cupertino, this Apple iPhone OEM Metal Black Rear Cover replaces the silver brushed aluminum piece that you find on the back of all iPhones with a svelte jet black cover.

Unlike many other cell phones, however, changing the backplate on the iPhone isn’t exactly easy, but if you’re willing to fork out $48.99 and take the risk of voiding your warranty, then by all means. Get back in black.