A Couple of Portable GPS Navigators Revealed by Sanyo

A Couple of Portable GPS Navigators Revealed by Sanyo


Finding your way around town need not be brain surgery, especially if you’ve got either the NVM-4070 or the NVM-4050 “Easy Street” GPS units from Sanyo. The two navigators dressed in black sport fundamentally identical appearances and specs, with both units getting 4-inch touchscreen displays, build-in Bluetooth for handsfree conversations, integrated music players (MP3/WMA/WAV) and pre-loaded maps for Canada, US, and Puerto Rico.

What separates the higher-end NVM-4070 from the lower-end NVM-4050, other than the bigger model number, is the availability of real-time traffic data via the Traffic Message Channel support. Pushing even further, the NVM-4070 also supports picture, video, and music streaming through its built-in FM transmitter.

Both units should be available immediately for $400 and $500. I’ll let you figure out which price goes with which portable GPS navigator.