Waterproof Speaker Set for the iPod Nano

Waterproof Speaker Set for the iPod Nano


We’ve been bombarded with all sorts of different waterproof cases for the iPod nano, but the Atlantic iceBar is one of the first waterproof iPod speaker sets that I have seen in recent memory. Forget having to avoid the wet stuff, because you can jam away to all of your favorite tunes, regardless of whether you’re next to the pool or in it.

Securely holding your Apple music player within its waterproof polycarbonate clutches, the iceBar grants you full access to the clickwheel, power button, and mute functions, all while sending out your favorite Slipknot summer jam through its stereo speakers.

On the downside, they say that the battery life on this device isn’t all that great. It “burns through three AA batteries after 18 hours of continuous use”, and if you do the stop-and-play game, you can watch that figure drop even further. The iceBar Waterproof speaker case for iPod nano players will retail for around $70. Too bad it won’t be ready until the holidays.